Sri Lankan Airlines Offset Program

SriLankan Airlines’ FlyGreen program allows their passengers to contribute to emissions reductions by investing in a local small hydro project that was developed under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) with support of the United Nations (UNFCCC). The Avikanda mini hydropower project generates electricity for local communities and replaces conventional fuel oil or diesel powered thermal stations, reducing a significant amount of CO2 emissions that would have been generated otherwise.

This installation improves the livelihood of neighboring communities, improves air quality, and reinforces electricity supply into the local and national grid. This small scale hydropower plant, with a size of 6.5 MW, generates just under 20GWh of clean electricity every year.

SriLankan’s ‘Flygreen’ has already been recognized by the Air transport Action Group (ATAG), a coalition of organisations within the global air transport industry, as one of the 100 best aviation climate solutions in the world. Global aviation accounts for approximately 2% of the world’s human induced carbon emissions, making it increasingly vital for airlines to actively seek out methods to promote conservation and reduce their carbon footprint.

You can offset your flights using the SriLankan Airlines Carbon Offset Program when you book online.

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