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Does the solution to climate change lie in a giant SPONGE?

While global warming continues unabated, a team from Liverpool University has come up with a polymer which absorbs CO2 and could be used in smokestacks to prevent CO2 from power plants getting into the atmosphere. Speaking at the 248th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society(ACS), Dr Andrew Cooper of Liverpool University said:

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Dutch fishing village climate controlled by the ocean

And not a wind turbine in sight. A growing number of seaside towns in Northern Europe are sucking seawater into a network of pipes and heating their houses with it. Of course it works better in summer than in winter. Read more:

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Standards Have Changed. Have you?

The Quality Assurance Standard is the new way to think about carbon neutrality. Launched in July this year with eight offset providers, airlines and IATA, the QAS fills the gap left by the UK Government’s Quality Assurance Scheme, retaining its rigorous independent audit, but changed for the times to include the Gold Standard & VCS, and recalibrated

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