Which carbon credits types can be used for QAS-Certified carbon offsets?

CERs, ERUs, EUAs, Gold Standard VERs or VCS version 2007 forwards which do not arise from projects which:

  • use hydro > 20MW project methodologies;
  • use trifluoromethane (HFC-23) project methodologies unless complying with AM00001 version 6 onwards;
  • use adipic acid project methodologies unless at or below benchmark of 30Kg/t;
  • use nitric acid project methodologies unless complying with ACM0019;
  • use waste heat recovery project methodologies;
  • use efficient lighting project methodologies;
  • use fossil fuel switch project methodologies;
  • are forestry-related unless based on sustainable REDD+ project methodologies which include adequate mitigation to cover project failure.