The QAS for Carbon Offset Providers

The Quality Assurance Standard was launched in the summer of 2012 to create an independently audited, global quality standard for carbon offsets, easily recognised by the QAS-Approved Quality Mark.

The World's Most Comprehensive Audit System for Carbon Offsetting

The QAS audits carbon offsets against at least 40 criteria, making it the most comprehensive standard in the world for carbon offsetting. Included are emissions factors, calculation methodologies, project methodologies, registry retiral, radiative forcing index, environmental claims guidance, pricing and other information provision. Audits are carried out by Ricardo Energy & Environment, a widely respected environmental consultancy. Pricing for offset approval is extremely competitive and includes the use of the QAS Quality Mark under license for 12 months for those offsets which are approved. If you already provide high quality carbon offsets you will find there is little work involved in the application process. You can find more detail here and if you’d like to discuss further, please contact us to arrange a call back.

Benefits of QAS Approval for Carbon Offset Providers