Airline Environmental Impact

The QAS compares the environmental impact of airlines using publicly available information and its own fleet-weighted calculations. We provide information on how to interpret the data in the key below.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

IEnvA 1 – Info here
IEnvA 2 – Info here.
14001:2015 – Info here.
 None – Info here.

Disclosure (CDP)

A-BA-B – info here.
C-DC-D – info here.
F/F – None – info here.

Passenger Load Factor

≥85%Info here
80-84%Info here
<80%Info here
  Info here

Carbon intensity (gCO2e/ RPK)

<86Info here
>86Info here
>99Info here
  Info here

Passenger offsetting program

6-10Info here
4-5Info here
1-3Info here
  Info here

Carbon Neutrality

 Info here
 Info here
 Info here

Noise (EPNdB margin)

≥20Info here
17-20Info here
<17Info here

Pollution (NOx)

≥17Info here
10-16Info here
<10Info here

Biodiversity standard

IWT – Info here
UfW – Info here.
 None – Info here.

Environmental impact score

>0Info here
<0Info here